Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Mediamod V5

Version mediamod V5 OS versi 6.0 Marsmallow,base jellybean 4.2 /4.2.2 jb roms ,
Android base rom : Amzen 5.0,Android phone : Evercross A7S
Android Chipset : Mt6572 mediatek mtk other device port first
Android port able = true
Ported by Nehal Battulwar
Credit : Go to settings > about rom > credit
Changelog Rom Mediamod V5 Mtk6572  :
New UI animations ( thanks to alice & muhammad pujianto )
mm version 5 new rom,
New Timmed Expanded & Timmed recents
,New Bootanimatiom Marshmallow,
MM androidromOs M 6.0,
New feature : xposed , lcd changer , rebooter , terminal , etc
Fixed Problem photo & Phone 
rom mediamod terbaru versi5,New dialog Like material dialog
Fixing Layout settings style,Removing tweak ( can add custom tweak )

Download: HERE

Monday, 30 November 2015

Mediamod 4 rom


ported by Nehal Battulwar

Note:- its not update its a new rom
           Xolo A500s rom

Changed the Based System Roms
Removed Mediamod Keyguard
Removed FMD Locker
Add New Launcher
Add New M Bootanimation
Add Wether on L Panel
Add Init.d Tweak
Fix Colour on Statusbar Expanded
Fix Battery Drain
Fix Volume Slider
Added on Settings:
Dolby Digital Plus
bugs found feel free to tell me

Credit: Wahayu Hidayat and Me

Flash fix fix patch

Friday, 26 June 2015


Tablet_Ui For A500s:
*tablet ui look
*stock aosp based
*average ram management
*build.prop tweaks included
*etc....etc....others u c!
By Deep Mitra (UDM infinity)

Download link>


B3 Mini Rom By Deep Mitra:
_Super light rom (only 89mb)
_smooth, stable,fast
_nice frameworks
_transparent ui
_better ram management
Rom Developer: Deep Mitra(UDM infinity)
*Don't port n share without permission!
Xolo A500s users have fun.
‪#‎If‬ file manager not working just open zip replace file manager of yours, do same with launcher!
Hope you all like my work thank u!
For Download Visit Here:

Fix Launcher B3 Rom-
(unzip the rom zip copy launcher,go to system/app,paste it, compress the zip n flash)


ClubX V2 ROM For Xolo A500s:
*Fully Deodexed
*Smooth,Fast,Good RAM management, good battery backup
*Online themes support just like MIUI & Lewa OS
*Awesome camera with new features
*Awesome and stable ui
*good for gaming
*Xperia keyboard
*Pre-embeded Security, Clean & power saving apps like Firewall,power saver etc.
*Transparent statusbar
*No lag!
*Change fonts without any app
*App lock
*nice file manager
*Dual 3G
And much more!! Use and enjoy!!
Credits: Gokul Hari
Deep Mitra (me)
ViPul Jha (share this on A600 group)

Download link -

For screenshots visit here:


PureXperia Z3 ROM for Xolo A500s (Mediatek mt6572 devices)
Modded Xperia C Rom to give you a Xperia Z3 (4.4.4) Sirius feel
-Based on Latest Xperia C 16.0.B.2.16 Base
A. Xperia Z3 HOME & Simple Home
B. Xperia Z3 Themes
C. 13MP Rear and 8MP Front Camera
D. Xperia Z3 SystemUI
E. Xperia Z3 Framework
F. Xperia Z3 Media Apps
G. Xperia Z3 System Apps
H. Xperia Z3 Widgets
I. Latest Xperia Keyboard
J. Xperia Z3 Fonts
K. Xperia Z3 Smart Social Camera
L. Xperia Z3 Style Settings
N. Xperia C3 Style Camera
O. Xperia Z3 Wallpapers
P. Xperia Z3 Sounds
Q. Xperia Z3 Bootanimation
R. True Viper4Android/Dolby Integration
S. Xperia build.prop
T. No network/Wifi issues
U. 3G SIM Switching
V. S-Force Surround Sound 3D
W. SeraJR QuickSettings Toggles
X. Battery Savings
Y. Advanced Reboot Menu
Z. Compatible with Xposed Modules (JB)
Z1. Smart Gestures
Z2. No Bloatwares
Z3. Xperia Z3 Style Task Switching
bgos10 - Porting base, Modding, Making, Bug Fixing the whole ROM
Deep Mitra (porting to a500s nd bug fixing)
Abhinandan Trilokia (Firstly port PXZ2 for a500s nd give me inspiration to porting this)
Download link -


ETON P1 FOR XOLO A500S: ______________________________ *Stock eton p1 firmware based
*Good ram management
*New user interface
*Miui like icons
*Smooth like lewa
*Totally stock,unrooted(root it via framaroot)
*Good sound quality
*Gapps excluded(flash any 4.2.2 gapps)
*looks beautiful
*easy to use
*etc.....etc...use nd watch  ============================= Special Thanks to- - ‪#‎Sudhansu‬ Sekhar Satpathy ‪#‎Deep Mitra ------------------------------------------------

Download link:

For screenshots visit here:

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